Happy Thanksgiving Health News

Artificial turkey insemination is getting out of hand. Yeah, I know that’s not as pressing an issue as whether or not Howard Stern renews his contract with America’s Got Talent, but isn’t it at least as important as whether or not Richard Branson is actually an extraterrestrial attempting to reconnect with his home planet? Just [...]

Clean teeth and sleeping bravely for Halloween

There have been three times in my life that I slept walked. Three times that I know of. The first was in high school. I got up and started an inexplicable argument with my mom about some dog. To this day we don’t know what dog I was referring to, whether said dog was fictional [...]

Do it yourself mental adjustment

Changing your mind will change your life. Of course. What if I always wanted to eat Ben & Jerry’s while hiding in a closet with women’s underwear on my head, perusing the latest issue of The Economist? Who says multitasking can’t be fun? No, this isn’t a confession, but I may give it a try [...]

Positive goal setting for health

If you’re like me the concept of “goal setting” conjures images of inviting a member of the third reich into your home to crack the whip to keep things done orderly, efficiently, and on time. Oh, that god-awful yelling. Can’t you just chill Jörg? Sit down. Have a lemonade. Take off those tight boots. Isn’t your arm starting to hurt? I’d be angry too. Set it down. Remember that [...]


In my experience Yogis and Buddhists practiced in the art of meditation have the best training in postural alignment, although some ballet dancers come close. Most toddlers don’t require training, their posture is instinctual. A common story I hear is “I carry my stress in my shoulders/upper back/neck,” or “I don’t understand why it’s always [...]

Heavenly Steps

Correct walking happens in the interim between point A and point B. As with most cliche lessons in life this requires attention to the journey as opposed to the destination, especially in the case when the journey involves putting one foot in front of the other recurrently. Correct walking strengthens the muscles of the legs, [...]

Mental Optimization

This is a system for guiding your thoughts, feelings, and reactions to operate according to the standard you set forth. The alternative without a system of this sort is that your thoughts, feelings, and reactions will set forth the standard according to which you operate. Most people without training fall into the latter category. Would [...]

Vision and Perspective

I was considering some of the great thinkers and innovators of the past and present and the commonalities therein and it evoked the following passage. It might be an original quote or it might be a half-hearted rehashing of something from Lao Tzu’s Tao Te Ching. Either way, it was free to me, and now [...]

Desire by design

My homeless stint lasted 3 days. It was a reckless vacation choice rathar than an obligatory result of unfortunate circumstances. During that time I felt a parodoxical love for humanity that I only now, about 10 years later, understand. The mission: Spring break in Rosarito, Mexico with no accommodations. Supplies: Sleeping bags, money for alcohol and food (mostly alcohol), [...]

The Art of Decision II

The capacity for decision consists not just of choosing between alternatives. We must 1st to decide to decide, rise from indecision to action even when inevitability appears inevitable (as it often does). As a caveat, remaining still and silent amidst chaos when poor courses of action appear compulsory; that level of poise lies within the [...]

The Art of Decision

Mental and emotional health techniques abound. Pick a flavor; they say to stop to smell the roses, close your eyes and breathe, think happy thoughts, surround yourself with positive people, start a new hobby, take a vacation, take a nap, smile, and when all else fails there’s always heroin (please do not actually choose heroin [...]