Treatment length

  • One to one and a half hours depending on severity of condition being treated.

Treatment description

  • Your treatment will be tailored around what is best for you and so may differ slightly from the following list, but this presents a general guideline of what first time patients can expect.1. Verbal discussion of primary healthcare concern as well as related issues.

    2. Physical exam of tongue and pulse, and including palpation for musculoskeletal problems

    3. Acupuncturefor 20-40 minutes. Extremely light stimulation applied for more sensitive and first time patients, and using mild to moderate technique for acupuncture veterans and those that prefer stronger stimulation.

    4. Medical massage/acupressure for 10-30 minutes

    5. Discussion of herbs to eat, dietary advice, or exercises to practice outside of the clinic

  • Times, procedures, and order of procedures may vary depending on individual patient preferences, nature of problem, and number of previous visits.

How many treatments will I need?

  • Unfortunately there is no clear cut answer to this question as every patient is different. Generally for acute problems fewer treatments are necessary but for chronic or severe problems more treatments are necessary.
  • A treatment plan will be discussed to estimate frequency and number of treatments necessary.
  • A good rule of thumb is 4 treatments to achieve a therapeutic effect. Many notice improvement prior to reaching 4 treatments, and for some it takes longer, but this is typically a good amount of time to find out if this is working for you.


$100 / treatment (1st treatment and consultation is also $100)


Insurance Coverage

Reimbursement for acupuncture out-of-network benefits